Hieronymus quimp


From a very early age, feeling there was more to the world and the universe, than was being currently taught in the schools and universities, a path was decided upon to search for and uncover the hidden truths that lay at the core of life!


The aim was more spiritual than physical,  as it became more and more obvious, as time progressed, that the spiritual was where the real underlying truths would be found!


This took an immense amount of spiritual research, that could only be done on an individual basis and not documented in the physical except through the many 'observations' that are to be found in the various books by hieronymus quimp!


A lifetime of searching and discovery of these basic underlying truths are becoming available now, as each book is created!


The search will continue, as more research is undertaken and deeper understandings emerge, these shall be the content for later books.


I hope this explains 'a little bit' about hieronymus quimp, and that you find interest in his discoveries that may help you, and those you care for in your  life!


Hieronymus Quimp